A community giving the best college graduation gift. The gift of no debt.

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Most of America is waking up to the fact that student loan debt has reached the $1 trillion mark, surpassing all types of accumulated  debt. The vicious cycle we live in today of growing tuition, swelling loan amounts, state cuts to public colleges and zero consumer protections on student loans, adds to the intensification of student loan debt at an unsustainable and dizzying rate.

Our mission is to eliminate the need for students to rely on loans, thus eliminating part of the cycle. By creating an alternative source of publicly generated or crowd sourced funds, as a community we have the ability to intervene in the financial aid process when loans were traditionally used to cover the cost of tuition when scholarships and traditional grants fell short. With a dream of a debt-free future and a lofty aspiration of creating a national solidarity among college students, we sincerely believe the opportunity to create an end result of zero student debt in the future is not only possible but essential for the continuation of the dream of higher education in America.

If you would like to know how we intend to put our plan to work check out our FAQ page or jump straight to our membership page and join our community!


Emiliano, Armando & Patrick

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